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>> Thursday, October 13, 2011


Assalamualaikum to all my beloved viewers. Sorry for my absence for the past months.  I have some internal matters to sort out. Here are some of my latest products that I can share with all of you. Hope you like it !

Brooch Bunga Gebu
RM2.50 / pc
Buy 5pcs at RM10.00

Brooch Daisy Spiral RM2/pc
Buy 6 pcs at RM10.00

Special Combo package as below at amazing lowest price.

Combo 1
6 pcs Daisy Spiral + 6 pcs Roselle
Price: RM20 (Free Postage)

Combo 2
6 pcs Daisy
6 pcs Ribbon
Price: RM20 (Free Postage)

Combo 3
2pcs Polkadot Ribbon
6pcs Roselle
4 pcs Blossom
Price: RM25.00 (Free Postage)

Brooch ni boleh digunakan pelbagai gaya contoh seperti yang Qyla pakai kat bawah ni.

For Wholesale, please e-mail to

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